CullenĀ & Danowski is a full-service certified public accounting firm licensed in New York. All of our CPAs hold valid New York State CPA certificates and all or our staff meet the continuing education requirements of the NYS Education Department, the U.S. Comptroller General, and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

In Loving Memory

Vincent D. Cullen, CPA
Vincent D. Cullen, CPA(1950-2013)
With a flair for leadership, Vinnie was a founding partner of Cullen & Danowski, LLP. His knack for numbers afforded him the ability of practicing and lecturing on various accounting and audit subjects for more than 35 years. On May 9, 2013, due to complications from ALS, we lost an incredible man.
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James E. Danowski, CPA
James E. Danowski, CPAPartner
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Peter F. Rodriguez, CPA
Peter F. Rodriguez, CPAPartner
Jill S. Sanders, CPA
Jill S. Sanders, CPAPartner
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Donald J. Hoffmann, CPA
Donald J. Hoffmann, CPAPartner
Christopher V. Reino, CPA
Christopher V. Reino, CPAPartner
Alan Yu, CPA
Alan Yu, CPAPartner


Michael J. Leone, CPA
Michael J. Leone, CPAPrincipal


Colette M. Bennett, CPA
Colette M. Bennett, CPAFinancial Audits
Mary W. Kohlroser, CPA
Mary W. Kohlroser, CPAMunicipal Accounting
Steven P. Lenz, CPA
Steven P. Lenz, CPAQuality Control
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Richard A. Coffey, CPA
Richard A. Coffey, CPAInternal Audit
Jennifer Davis, CPA
Jennifer Davis, CPATax
Jennifer A. Ditta, CPA
Jennifer A. Ditta, CPAMunicipal Accounting
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Deirdre A. Lunetta, CPA
Deirdre A. Lunetta, CPAExternal Audit
Kim M. Scharf, CPA
Kim M. Scharf, CPATax
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