AuditThe Cullen & Danowski Audit Department was formed by the combination of Vincent Cullen and Peter Rodriguez back in the 1970’s. Together; they combined their auditing and accounting knowledge and were able to build a successful governmental auditing and accounting practice. With the addition of Jill Sanders, Alan Yu, Christopher Reino & Don Hoffmann, Cullen & Danowski has become one of the leading governmental audit firms on Long Island.

We staff each of our engagements with a team of degreed accountants, the majority of whom are certified public accountants, with the remainder working towards certification.

New York State requires all professionals to receive at least forty hours of continuing professional education (CPE) per year. Firm members involved in municipal and not-for-profit audits are also required by the Single Audit Act to fulfill the CPE requirements of the Government Accountability Office (GAO). All staff, whether they are certified public accountants or not, meet the continuing education requirements of the New York State Education Department, the U.S. Comptroller General, and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

As a member of the AICPA Governmental Audit Quality Control Center, we receive timely information on a variety of technical, legislative and regulatory subjects that we can apply to our audits. We ensure compliance with the appropriate standards and changes to regulations. Individuals from our firm regularly share this information as they are actively involved in the training of municipal and not-for-profit personnel. We serve as speaker at the meetings of business officials for both Eastern and Western Suffolk BOCES that take place throughout the year, as well as the New York State Association of School Business Officials.

With over forty professionals, our firm is the ideal size for providing services to the approximately 150 municipalities that we provide accounting, internal audit or external audit services for. Our audit department is broken down into two focused groups so you receive the quality service and expertise so many have come to expect from Cullen & Danowski.

Independent Audit

The NYS Office of the State Comptroller issued the Five Point Plan which requires each district to “3. Require a competitive RFP process for selecting auditors when contracts expire, or at least every 5 years. A model RFP has been developed to provide standardization on the required audit scope, help ensure the qualifications and experience of the firm selected is adequate, and encourage rotation of firms or personnel where appropriate.”

Because of our five partners, five managers and ten audit teams you can be assured of consistent quality and service to your staff even when rotation of audit personnel is required. Several of our managers have more than twenty-five years of experience with our firm. Employee longevity, resulting in a highly qualified audit team and minimal disruption to your staff, is one of the keys to our success.

Internal Audit

Our Internal Audit Department was formed in October 2004, after the NYS Office of the State Comptroller issued the Five Point Plan which requires each district to “4. Create an internal audit function within each school district’s financial management team that performs various types of internal auditing, particularly testing of internal controls, in accordance with standards of the profession.”

Our team has been together since the inception of the Five Point Plan and has performed hundreds of internal audit engagements. We have helped schools manage risk by evaluating internal controls, policies and procedures. What sets our team apart is our thorough understanding of operations and our ability to consistently add value to every engagement.

Cullen & Danowski currently has approximately 25 internal audit school district clients. In addition to these schools, we have several other governmental entities that have requested specific testing over and above the standard internal audit and risk assessments. These specific engagements include:

  • Attendance recordkeeping
  • Benefit administration
  • Testing of payroll and purchasing activities

In addition to the above engagements, our expertise includes reviewing the STAC filing process, which has resulted in over $500,000 in additional New York State aid for our clients.